Hello !

My name is Victor Ganebrant and I work as an artist, illustrator and filmmaker through my company , Ganebrants Konst och Illustrationer. But who am I then? Well, we can start with where I come from , and then we can take it from there . I was born and raised in Falun , a wonderful cultural town that I still live in and which I like quite well, if I do say so myself . Regarding the interest in art, it has always been with me , at least as long as I can remember . Drawing and painting , I have therefore done my whole life . likewise is the case with reading , listening, watching and creating stories . Not only in my illustrations and films but also in my art , I try to always tell something. I am to some extent self-taught , and to some extent I have learned from my various teachers throughout the years.

Relevant education:

the Aesthetical programme - Gymnasial education (similar to High School but a very different system). 2010 - 2013

Animation in theory and practice - Karlstad university. 2015

Artschool - Fornby folkhögskola (peoples university/ artschool). 2015 - 2016.

Animation - Animationsakademien (the animation academy).
2016 - 2018


Bergstenska Gården - Falun 2014

Fröken Kumlins Gallery & Showroom - Avesta 2014-2015

Toneart - Falun 2014

Bergstenska Gården - Falun 2015

Konstrundan Falun - Borlänge 2015

Lions Springsalon - Borlänge 2016

Moras Springsalon - Mora 2016

Konstrundan Falun - Borlänge 2016

Konstrundan Falun - Borlänge 2017

Lions vårsalong - Borlänge 2018

Konstrundan Falun - Borlänge 2018