With two and a half years of university-level education in animation for film, I work in the filmindustry as an animator, film director, film producer, scriptwriter, storyboarder, attribute maker and so forth.  Internally so with my own film projects as well as externally to clients. As an animator, I mostly work in the stop-motion animation technique, which also incorporates the techniques of cut-out and claymation.


Technical knowledge:
* Practical skills with material and construction within dollconstruction and casting, as well as attribute and - propmaking.

* Camera skills for both analog and digital cameras

* Skills with both practical and digital special effects

Software Knowledge:
* Adobe Premiere pro

* Final Cut

* Adobe After effects

* Dragonframe

* Adobe Photoshop

* Adobe illustrator

* TV-paint



Across the Field. Director, scriptwriter, producer, head animator, storyboard, props & attributes, Design and post-production. Short film premiering in 2019.

Pest & kolera, booktrailer. Co-director, liveaction-photography and post-production. commercial 2017.

Larry the Pirate. Co-director, animator, attribute and post-production. Short film 2017.

Edelstam Prize 2012: Friends Who Live In Free Countries. Narrator. Documentary 2016.